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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Are your carpets worn and faded? Do you have a stain you cannot remove, but cannot warrant a replacement? Why not try our Carpet Cleaning Services?

Why Should You Get You Carpets Cleaned?

  • Regular cleaning keeps your carpets, rugs and upholstery looking their best for many years to come
  • Saves you time and money replacing them and reduces landfill
  • Cleaning kills bacteria and removes dust mites for a safer environment for you and your family
  • Leaves your home smelling wonderfully clean and fresh

Why Use Us?

  • We offer professional cleanses with our own equipment
  • We offer a safe but effective cleaning process without the use of harsh chemicals
  • 100% free from soil attracting chemical residues – carpets will not attract the dirt after being cleaned
  • No shrinkage and colour runs
  • Wool safe products;
  • Very quick drying times
  • Safe but effective insect treatments including flea, carpet beetle and moth
  • Fully trained and insured with criminal record check clearance
  • We understand how busy you are and can be as flexible as you need, working at a time and day to suit you
  • We pride ourselves on excellent customer service
  • We are happy to provide references

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